Starting First Grade

I’m discovering that there are several big differences between starting kindergarten and starting first grade.  The first one?  The little brother who’s being left behind, actually realizes he’s being left behind.

school collage

The second?  I’m getting this demure, posed smile now instead of the real deal.  For a photographer, this is a crushing blow._MG_4708

And even daddy has to work for the affection that his little girl used to give so freely.  EmDadCollageb_MG_4726

For the moment she still doesn’t mind too much that when most moms are gone, hers is still hovering around taking pictures.  It doesn’t bother her when we leave.  She’s excited for her independence.  We’re excited for her too._MG_4732v

There’s only one person who still doesn’t understand.

To see the blog from Emma’s first day of school click here.  Just a warning.  It’s the one that made all my friends cry.

3 thoughts on “Starting First Grade

  1. Ohhhh….that last one breaks a momma’s heart!!! But what a priceless catch. I can not believe how big your children are getting!!! 😦

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