The Bride wore… ice cream?

I love these bridal portraits.  I hesitate to even call them portraits, since for me that conjures up images of stiff, formal poses… basically really un-fun.  These?  They’re high art – with a cherry on the top (literally. you’ll see).


I love the retro toning of this one._MG_9331cp_MG_9366v_MG_9430-op_MG_9410b_MG_9421

I love it when clients are willing to go with my ideas.  I mean, what bride in white is going to say yes to ice cream?  Well, probably the one who also wanted to wear her blue 8th grade tennis shoes!_MG_9468

The funniest, most embarassing part of this story is when I went in to get the ice cream, then came out and almost got in the wrong vehicle (which, of course, was occupied by a very wary stranger).  Not that Jessica and her mom tried to spare me the shame.  They were too busy laughing!!!  That’s when they reminded me of my family. : )_MG_9458

This is my favorite shot of the session.  Definitely going into our next round of advertising.  Love it!!!

Thanks for the fun, crazy evening Jessica.  You all were awesome!

3 thoughts on “The Bride wore… ice cream?

  1. Don’t I have the most beautiful friend?! I was so honored to be a part of her special day. 🙂

  2. What a fun time we had that day! I was a tad (ok, a LOT) nervous when Whitney brought up the idea of pics with a strawberry ice cream cone in 90 degree weather!! I thought she had gone nuts and had visions of Jessica walking down the aisle with red stains on her beautiful dress!! They saw the panic in my eyes and momentarily dropped the idea. Then, she tried again and switched it to an ice cream sundae, which seemed safer, and I gave in. And it was worth it when we watched Whitney almost get in the wrong car with a stranger at Braum’s!! 🙂

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