Jessica & Ryan are married….

Saturday was a great day as we photographed the wedding of Jessica and Ryan.  I remember being impressed with this couple from the very first call, mostly because it was from Ryan!  He was put in charge of calling photographers, and he grilled me good.  Needless to say, we were so happy to get this gig, and have enjoyed getting to know this couple who is starting out their marriage much the way we did – in youth ministry!  Ah, summer camp. : )  It was a blessing to spend the day with a couple so devoted to God, their families and friends… and each other.  

_MG_2143 1 copy_MG_1506v_MG_2169 1 copy

_MG_2157bhThe first look…
_MG_1612 copy_MG_1583v_MG_1640bi

_MG_2081 copy
_MG_2086 copy
_MG_2143 copy

_MG_2101 copy_MG_2189bh_MG_2209ts_MG_2248v_MG_2287b

_MG_1570 copy

_MG_2332 copy_MG_2053 1 copy

_MG_2167 1 copy
_MG_1839 1 copy_MG_2875sev_MG_1941v

Dave’s a fan._MG_1934 copy

_MG_2005 copy_MG_2909c_MG_2949 copy_MG_3050 copy_MG_3031 copy_MG_2173 1 copy

Our heartfelt thanks to Jessica & Ryan and their families for making our job so much fun.  Check back here in a few weeks for the complete gallery of wedding photographs, and have your password ready!  Want to see more?  Take a peek at Jessica & Ryan’s engagement session here!

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