Don’t Burp… and Don’t Brag!!!!

You know how when you’re growing up and your parents really work to instill values – those characteristics in you that make you a less-annoying person in later life?  Like, “don’t interrupt” (my own personal pet peeeeeeve), and “don’t belch at the dinner table (that’s only a compliment to the chef in CHINA)” and “don’t brag about yourself”?  Well, forget all that folks, because it’s time to show you the three portraits that just earned  “Accolades of Excellence” from the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International)  8×10 competition!    All it really means to get an A of E is that these particular photos were given a score of 80 or above and are better than your average Joe Photographer.  But still, I’m so excited (and honestly, pretty humbled by the whole thing).  It’s my first time to enter anything in a “real” competition for “Professional” photographers, so it’s gratifying.  It’s confirmation that creatively I’m where I need to be.  Here are the pretty-darn-good pics.


Remember this sweet girl from one of our Texas sessions last fall?


And this rainy-day pic from Cassie & Robby’s recent engagement session.


And, well… what can we say about this one?



I’m just so thankful for all our ready-for-anything clients.  You know, the ones who – when I say “could you lay stomach-down in the creek”?  are ready to go.  Or – “would you really wear your Superman t-shirt under your tuxedo for the wedding?”  Or “hitch up your wedding dress girl, we’re going for ice cream!” – oh yeah – that one’s being posted AFTER the wedding… and being entered in the next competition. : )

6 thoughts on “Don’t Burp… and Don’t Brag!!!!

  1. I think many of us have been telling you we think you are the best!!!! Glad the “professional’s” agree. 🙂

  2. Yeah for you! I love burping……and I dont’ think this is bragging! I think most would agree we want to share in your accomplishments! Great Work!

  3. I think that I deserve a piece of the award. I’ll take the ‘E’. Clearly, I did half of the work…!!

    Whitney – you are absolutely deserving! You have created true memories for us to show our friends and family!


    1. Sorry, but the “E” is reserved for Cassie. You, however, get the “A” for agility. Who else could so adeptly clamor over the backseat of the van to close windows during a monsoon? : )

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