When the kids are away…

What does a parent do with three wild days of freedom while the kids are away at “Gramp Camp”?  Why, she blogs about them, of course.  Looking into each sweet sun-kissed face, practically hearing the laughter in their play (conveniently forgetting the messes associated with potty-training and the endless bouts of whining just a few hours ago as we were pushing them out the door).  But then, I guess that’s just the plight of a parent.  Gritting your teeth to get through to the end of the day, holding tightly to your heart while they’re away.  



Summer to me, is a misery.  That happens when you don’t like to sweat.  But to kids, it’s magical.  I remember that.  I know the delight behind these eyes, the joy of discovering this new, bright squirting ball of fun.  _MG_1010

Because when you’re young, it’s all about possibility._MG_1012

And the smallest experiences make you happy._MG_1105

like playing in dirty bird bath water…._MG_1099And you’re not yet to the age of worrying about your thighs, tan lines, or the funky frizzy way your hair will look when it dries.

You’re just experiencing the sweet spot in life… and when you get older, it’s so much more difficult to find.  Which is why… we have kids…  


and why I miss mine.

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