Rainy Day Romance

You really shouldn’t hate Cassie and Robby because they’re gorgeous.  You should hate them for how in love they are.  And yes, of course I’m joking (not about the love – obviously – but about the hating part).  They are two of the sweetest people ever, and their relationship is so effortless.  So sincere… made it oh so easy to photograph them.




_MG_3985-1vSo the question is this:  What do you do when your location photo shoot starts getting hit with rain?  Well first, you keep going as long as you can (this shot was taken from under an umbrella – unfortunately, since I didn’t have any free hands, it was stuck down the front of my shirt – yea, real cute).   Of course when the downpour starts…

you retreat back to the house.  There’s a reason I’m showing you a wide shot of my kids’ messy playroom.  It’s got great light, and as I will say over and over again, it’s not about the location as much as the light.  See the shot below we took on this couch._MG_4059_1

Stunning.  I would eat bugs for that profile… it’s Ali McGraw-ish (does anyone under the age of 40 know what that means?).  I love my 50mm @2.8. _MG_4067

We finally saw the sun in the distance and drove around chasing it… an adventure session this was!  After the time spent with Cassie & Robbie, I’m sure that’s only a preview of their new life together.  One adventure after another.  Lots of love.  Lots of fun.

_MG_4033v(10x20)Our thanks to Cassie and Robbie for their endless patience during the session.  You were a pleasure to spend the afternoon with and we are looking forward to your wedding this weekend!

5 thoughts on “Rainy Day Romance

  1. seriously amazing. i have GOT to get my kids in front of your camera. it will happen some day….

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