Magazine Cover Shoot

Doing a photoshoot for a magazine cover is incredibly glamorous.  Just like in the movies.  There’s rockin’ music and hair fans and beautiful people everywhere doing beautiful things in a beautiful location.  And… okay, I can’t go on because I’m going to make myself gag.  That’s such a big fat lie.  Especially when you’re involving kids in the process (and then there are jelly beans and gummy bears and many promises for ice cream – and that’s the truth).  This was our first opportunity to do a magazine cover for MomSense, and while it was more education than ecstasy… in the end we still felt just a little bit cool (which isn’t easy when you’re driving a mini van full of crumb-filled car seats).  Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of how it all happened….



Positioning the boat to get the light just right?  Not so easy._MG_4594

_MG_4596Choosing to bring our children to a shoot next to a big inviting pond?  Not so smart!



What is it about being around other people having their picture taken that inspires my own children to pose?

_MG_4628The kids were promised a “boat ride” for good behavior.

And, oh yes… candy.


Thanks to the Taylors for the use of their pond, the Bass’s for the use of their boat, to Erin for her mad video and kid-wrangling skills, and to our models, the Gonzales family for their fantastic un-smiles!  The issue comes out late June, so we’ll post the cover and behind-the-scenes video then!

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