Bunches of Boys

This may have been the most re-scheduled session ever.  With rain and wacky, windy out-of-power weather I think we booked four separate times.  But boy, was it so worth the wait!  And no, this is not a family with three sets of twins.  It’s just me having a little fun with Photoshop.  Love the peacock!


Here’s my theory on photographing boys:  wild and fun is great!  It really captures who they are.  Having said that, I love it when a picture like this one comes along.  There is such a sweetness to it.






I love the textures in this pictures and the interaction.  I think family portraits should tell a story about your family… adoring looks, not everyone looking at the camera.  This picture feels real to me.  


And speaking of real….  Keep looking, you’ll see what’s happening in a minute.  



And my favorite photograph from the session.  Dad with his boys.  I’m giving Sherri all the credit for her idea of the “Grant lift”.  It totally makes the picture.  Love it!



Thanks to our awesome friends, the Durlings for a fantastic session.

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