Lighting, Locations & Cheetos

Getting back into the blogging groove, and I’ve got a backlog of sessions to get to before the wedding season hits… starting this weekend!  This was such a fun, laid-back maternity/family session.  Isn’t this guy the cutest little brother-to-be?  By the way, looooove the bright colors the family chose for these pictures.  Not distracting, but really pop.


This entire session was done in and around the family’s home, and all with natural light.  Love the soft light coming in through this window!


I know April must have thought I was crazy when I told her to lay down in the floor of the playroom, but the light was so soft and warm.  Even the cat thought so. : )  See the next picture for the gorgeous results (and the most amazing eyelashes).




I love this shot!  But seriously, what little boy just stares lovingly at his mother’s burgeoning belly without some enticement?  


Like a Cheeto carefully concealed in mom’s hand!  (Look carefully at the photo above and you’ll see a little boy’s hand in motion, getting ready to grab!)


Thanks to the Ramsey family for allowing us to capture this sweet time in your life!

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