Pictures of nothing special

The bad news is that we’ve been blacklisted by our internet service provider.  Living out in the country with all these lovely trees?  My bright idea.  Now that we had the ice storm last year and the crazy wind damage last week, these trees just aren’t quite as much fun.  Not to mention that they’re what’s blocking our antennae from every tower within a 10 mile radius.  The good news?  We have a new internet service provider as of yesterday.  Yay!  We’re still working out speed issues, so this post is taking waaaaaay too long to upload, but hey, what do you care?  Or maybe you do.  Maybe you’re just that nice.

Just thought I’d post some pictures of nothing special.  Just Emma.  Working her hips, coordinated with her tongue.



People are always talking about getting a better camera so they can take better pictures.  Sure, it’s nice to have a quality camera (and glass… it’s all about the lens) for portraits, but for the everyday stuff we use a point and shoot just like everyone else.  Sometimes it’s nice to capture for quality, but it’s also just as important to capture the moments that happen everyday.  These pictures?  They’re just life on a Tuesday.  They’re not perfectly lighted or perfectly posed.  They’re just real.  And after all, that’s what I want to remember.



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