Don’t try this at home

I guess another name for this post could be “What to do with a little brother…”




I just realized that with the way the sun is hitting Ben on his uncombed hair, his head looks like a Q-tip.  Man, he’s going to hate me for that someday.  Let’s don’t tell him, okay?


Just another day at the Scott house.  At least nobody got a bloody nose… this time.

2 thoughts on “Don’t try this at home

  1. Funny, as I scrolled through the pictures, I could hear the “Bionic Woman”/”Six-Million Dollar Man” sounds in my mind. You know, the sound we always hear when they used their incredible strength? 🙂

    1. Emma thinks she’s the Bionic Woman, thudding her way through the house all day. As for the six million dollar man? I wouldn’t take even 7 million for that sweet thing. : )

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