How (not) to be a flower girl – Part two

I’m sorry.  To all you people who think I’ve grown weary of blogging and have left you with nothing to read and see.  My internet connection is angry with me for some reason.  He’s sluggish and ignorant of my needs and leaves his dirty socks and underwear in an embarassing pile on the bedroom floor (or wait, is that someone else?).  Anyway, we’re working on our issues.  More frequent blog posts, coming soon. : )

So, for all you who’ve been waiting on an announcement for the winner of our Monica & Truitt quote contest….. it’s Debbie!  Her vomit comment was, as “insiders” know, right on the money.  So Debbie, choose your favorite photo from the online gallery and we’ll send an 8×10 print to the newlyweds!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  You guys were hilarious!  And now, for Part II of Emma the flower girl: The Wedding Day!



It’s so nice having two photographers shooting a wedding, because it allows us to get behind the scenes shots like this of me shooting the flower girls/ring bearer (notice the nice natural light from the window?).


Love how that light really sculpts their faces.  Shows off the sweetness freakiness.



Hey, I think if you work hard at your flower girl duties, you deserve a snack… right?


Emma got to meet one of her namesakes… Emma from Abilene.  This is the couple that entertained me at their home while David drove down the road to put my engagement ring on a fence, then watched his proposal through binoculars.  But that’s a story for another day. : )


So I only titled this How NOT to be a flower girl to make it sound interesting.  Actually, our girl did a great job.  And as all the sappy-people-who-want-to-tug-at-my-heartstrings tell me, “before you know it, she’ll be the one walking down the aisle”…


and I can’t even think about that.


5 thoughts on “How (not) to be a flower girl – Part two

  1. i’m glad to finally have a chance to catch up on your blog while i am in the city (asuncion). your children are beautiful. we look forward to catching up maybe later this year. we have a blog too:

    1. We’d love to see you all while you’re in Texas! And would love to do a free photo session for our favorite missionary family. How many kids do you have now…? : )

  2. OK I read your blip about people who want to tug at my heart string say it will be her before you know it walking down the aisle…..then I scroll down to see the two girls in the field! I started crying! GET A LIFE TARA!! You just must be that good of a photographer 🙂

    1. And the reason you cried is because you have an unbelievably blessed life, which is why the thought of letting go of Devon someday is so bittersweet. sniff sniff. : )

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