How (not) to be a flower girl – Part one

Emma had the honor recently of being a flower girl at her Aunt Monica’s wedding.  She took on this task with the fervor, enthusiasm and … unusual style with which she does most things.  I’m not sure, but I think this may have been some pre-rehearsal stretching….


Love how it’s the girls who are holding their arms “guy style”, with the boy holding on to them.  Of course, if you know their mothers’, you’ll understand. : )


All the girls got to go to the place with the scary fingers for a special treat!


While the older girls got pedicures, the younger ones got sugared up. 



In the spirit of the old mullet joke (“business in the front, party in the back”), Emma had to wear something decent on her fingernails, but could rock her toenails out any way she wanted!




Turquoise with white “tiger stripes”!


Nail-drying with Nana.


Monica had the most amazing bridesmaid’s luncheon, put on by Melissa Baugh.  The flower girls were soooo spoiled.  Look at their own little table!  The little sandwiches had flowers piped on them in colored cream cheese.  Unbelievable, the creativity of this woman!




The flower girls got a monogrammed necklace as a gift from the bride.  See how delicately they treat their special things!


Pictures of the actual flower girl happening will be coming soon… in all their delicate sweetness.  Here’s a preview.


4 thoughts on “How (not) to be a flower girl – Part one

  1. I saw you in the Family Fun magazine and just had to visit your website. Your photos are wonderful…your love of home and family shine through! I am hoping to become more like you in the thrifty area… Have a great day, Kendra

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