I’m in love with two men.

This is turning out to be one of those pictures I can’t stop staring at.  Can you blame me?  I never knew I could love a man as much as my husband… until I had my son.  *Sigh*

When I get a special shot like this of people I love, I remember again why I do photography.  It’s such a gift to be able to capture moments like these for our clients.  Now I’ve got to find another spot on my wall to hang this sweet thing… such a delightful dilhemma. : )

If you want to see this picture up close and big, it will soon be hanging on a wall of patient pictures we did for our bestest, most wonderful dentist Dr. John Durling.  Just a warning though, that these aren’t hanging in the lobby, so you need to be a patient to see them.  How’s that for a shameless plug?  


3 thoughts on “I’m in love with two men.

  1. I kinda love these two guys also….the big one for being so good to the little one….a GREAT dad!!! Love, Grammy

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