The Etiquette Lesson

Etiquette and social graces do not come naturally in our family.  It is a rare meal when I’m not instructing someone to “say please”, or “excuse me” or “please get your dirty sock off the table”.  Yep.  We’re what you’d call a “laid back” family.  I do realize though, that at six, Emma is going to be on her own more and more without me to instruct her to not belch at the table or put peas up her nose ( a lesson learned the hard way).  I was mortified yesterday when she informed me that several weeks ago in bible class she and a friend-who-shall-remain-nameless got up when their teacher wasn’t looking and began dancing on the table.  MOR-TI-FIED.  So yes, it was indeed time for an etiquette lesson.


Miss Berneice, one of my favorite ladies from our church, puts on these Victorian teas for the girls when they are in kindergarten.  She’s so sweet (and brave, to have these rowdy gals in her lovely, trinket-filled house).  It was quite the spread, all made from scratch… chocolate-covered strawberries, sugar cookies, cake, and cucumber finger sandwiches.  Such talent, and such a wonderful heart.


The girls each got to choose a vintage hat to wear for the afternoon, and received their own strand of pearls!


The etiquette lesson was also a history lesson.  The girls were so interested, not that this picture shows that… : (


After tea, out came the vintage jewelry!


I’m not sure if the afternoon really succeeded in turning Emma into a lady…  but she sure had fun.


Congratulations to Sarah, Ms. Berneice’s daughter, who will be getting married in January.  I told her this picture was a preview of those getting-ready wedding photos (minus the blue fingernails, of course)!


8 thoughts on “The Etiquette Lesson

  1. I hope you don’t mind my intruding, but I saw your blog on Sara’s Facebook account. I am Berniece’s sister-in-law and have always admired her for doing this kind of thing. One of these days I’m going to be there when she gives her tea party! Thanks for the great pictures!

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