Estella – 3 months later

Had to post a few photos from baby Estella’s latest modeling session!  It’s amazing how much change happens in those first few months.  You can see her newborn pics here.  


I love doing baby sessions in the home of the client.  It’s so much more comfortable for them being in their own surroundings, and we can always find some nice natural light too use.  These first shots were taken on the edge of the couch by a window.


I’ve started calling big brother Fisher “the blur”, because he’s in motion for almost every photograph I’ve taken of him!  I love this hilarious pic of the siblings together.  Talk about a picture telling a story!



In case you’re wondering… yes!  I did make mom and baby climb up on TOP of their dining room table (well not MAKE… just suggested). : )



7 thoughts on “Estella – 3 months later

  1. Adorable…your pictures are always so amazing…and is her older one really named Fisher? Our oldest is Fischer and I have only met one other child named that…we met him at Disney World of all places.

  2. I just thought of something else…the mommy in the pictures…she looks just like this girl from West Plains that I went to Little Prairie Bible Camp with way back in the day. Her name was Carrie I believe…yes, no?

  3. Really??? That would be really, really weird. We were pretty good friends back in the day. That would be wild if we named our kiddos the same thing…you are right…creepy!!

  4. Did you ever ask Cary if she knew anyone named Tracy from LPBC? Everytime I come to your blog I think about her now and look at her picture…I know it is her 😉

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