Monica and Truitt said what????

In celebration of Monica and Truitt’s wedding photos being almost complete (full galleries will be up by the end of the week… check back here!), we’re having a caption contest.  Comment with one caption for each of the photos below, and you will win a super duper prize!  Okay, the prize isn’t really for you, but you’ll get to pick it.  The winner chooses the photo of their choice from the galleries to be printed as an 8×10 for the newlyweds.  Yes, the photos below are included in the options. : )   For EVERY entry received, we’ll give the bride & groom $15 in photography credit (one credit per person entering).  Now is not the time to be a secret blog watcher!  Let your hilarious voice be heard!!!




8 thoughts on “Monica and Truitt said what????

  1. Truitt: “Man! Smells like someone’s been throwing up!”

    Monica: “If one more person says “you FINALLY got married”, I think I’ll scream!!!”

  2. Truitt: I can’t take another minute wearing this ridiculous bowtie. I don’t care what she says…

    Monica: My in-laws already are driving me crazy!

  3. TOP: “What do you mean someone messed with my car??!!”

    BOTTOM: “You want how many grandchildren?”

  4. Him: Stupid bowties…couldn’t I get a clip-on?

    Her: I went through the whole ceremony with this HUGE piece of spinach in my teeth, and no one told me!

  5. Truitt: Where is that high-pitched noise coming from? David! Turn off that iPhone!

    Monica: Would you please get David to stop making those fart noises every time I walk by?!?

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