A (little) Man in the Kitchen

If you’re a long-time follower of my blog, this will seem familiar… just with a kid swapped out.  You can read Emma’s hot-roll-making blog here.  I love cooking with my kids, especially breads.  To them it’s like play dough that you can eat.  To me it’s just peaceful – the mixing, the kneading.  I’ve fought myself for years going back and forth about whether or not to get a stand mixer.  Ultimately I decided to go the “Little House on the Prairie” route, and just keep things simple.  I am glad however, that I have the technology of the trusty ipod.  You really can’t make good bread without a little music.  Before kids I would open the kitchen window while I cooked and play the three tenors (goes well with baguettes).  Somehow the drama of Nessun Dorma doesn’t do it for a two year old.  Thankfully we can agree on Michael Buble.  Here’s a few pictures of Ben’s kitchen adventure. 




I guess I should note here that Ben had is own dough.  There is no kid slobber in my baguettes!





Oh yeah… yum.


Do you think clients would like one of these as a “gift with purchase”?  Maybe if they were being freshly baked when they came over for their proofing session?  Or is that just cruel and manipulative? : )  Now if only I knew how to churn my own butter….


2 thoughts on “A (little) Man in the Kitchen

    1. I can tell you everything I know about the duties of a wife and the blessings and trials of motherhood, but I won’t give out my baguette recipe. : ) You’re so funny. You wouldn’t want to be just like me if you could see the dust on my ceiling fans. Now there’s a blog idea.

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