Doggie Depth of Field

Randomness alert!!!  I’m having one of those days when I know I need to blog, but am just too busy being busy to be creative.  Does that make any sense?  

Anyway, here’s a picture of Lily I took outside the other day.  People often ask me about how to give their pictures that “blurry background” look.  In the photography world we call that “depth of field”, and you  need two things:  1. An SLR camera (this means not point and shoot)  and 2.  A lens that allows you to crank down your aperture (also known as your F-stop) very low.  This photo was taken at F2.8 (my favorite).  Obviously, the point of focus is at the very tippy-top of her nose.  On a human subject I would keep the focus always on the eyes.  Nobody needs to see my nose that clearly.  Goodness knows I sure don’t want to.


One thought on “Doggie Depth of Field

  1. How funny! Ruth and I were just talking about this effect today as we were travelling and I was telling her how to adjust the settings on my camera to achieve that effect. Ironic.

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