Monica is a Bride!

It was such a pleasure for us to photograph the wedding of Monica and Truitt yesterday.  It’s so meaningful to be part of a wedding for family… people you know and love.  Wedding photographs will be up soon, but for now we wanted to share a selection of Monica’s gorgeous bridal portraits.  The first?  Her dad’s favorite.


Here’s a little behind-the-scenes on how to get great bridal portraits….  First, try finding a way to transport the bride so that :  a.  her dress doesn’t get wrinkled, b.  her veil doesn’t get squished or pulled out of her hair, and c. not a smidge of grit or grime touches anything white.  Tougher than it looks, right?


How many layers of tulle does it take to get to the center of a bride?  


Obligatory photo of the bride with her brother.  (On a side note, I’m thinking of doing a blog post to show how many pictures I have of Dave holding bouquets!)


Now, get the bride to give you a nice, natural smiling expression….


Be sure to pick a day with no wind.  Oops!


Actually, we did alright in spite of the obstacles.  Here are some favorites from the session.



And the bride’s choice:



Congratulations to Truitt.  You got yourself one beautiful bride.  

Check back here for more of Monica and Truitt’s wedding coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Monica is a Bride!

  1. Those are great pictures. She is a BEAUTIFUL bride. I loved the first one. Thanks for the blog site. I guess I just didn’t see blog the first time. Old age, you know. Love you guys, Marie

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