Come and get your Bling!

So here’s the latest item clients love, but hate me for later.  Gorgeous custom necklaces!  I loooooove these things (so much so that all the samples are of my family – ha!), but I feel everyone’s pain, because every time I wear one of these I get mobbed too.  Just so you know, you shouldn’t be afraid to order one.  I’m on the case, and have a great solution for all my necklace victims (more blogging on that later).



All the necklaces are entirely custom, so you choose any style of necklace you like, pair it with your favorite shape pendant & photo, and voila’!  My fantastic jewelry artist will work her magic.  Look Tara!  Here are your sweeties!


I don’t want anyone to buy this one.  I want to keep it.  Is that wrong?




My favorite is turquoise, plus I’ve been collecting all kinds of vintage bling to add on.  Yummy.


This round pendant is super-chunky, which on a necklace, isn’t a bad thing.


5 thoughts on “Come and get your Bling!

  1. I do love those necklaces!!! What great models the Scott kids make! Both sets of Scott’s of course! When are you coming over Red Rover!

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