This is NOT a Wedding

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong.  This is not a wedding.  If it were…


the next picture you saw wouldn’t be this.

_mg_0022Yep.  Definitely not a wedding, unless we did weddings for clowns (which we certainly would… what fun!  Big Top backdrop, contortionists… and elephants with tassels!)  No, this is from my backlog of “pictures to blog” from Christmas, when “Auntie Witty” (don’t I just have the best title around?) got the cousins some bold and trashy dollar store make-up.  I will admit that yes, I did it just for the pictures.

023I’m no dummy, so Rian wasn’t allowed to put the make-up on himself.  He did, however, make a great “artist”.





Where was Ben, you ask?  Apparently, this kind of thing is hilarious.


Ah, fun with cousins.  Don’t you just feel the love?


These girls are going to make the cutest flower girls ever at Aunt Monica’s wedding coming up.  And shhhh, but as a special surprise just for Monica’s big day, I’m bringing the make-up to Texas with me (now all we need is big hair).  Ye-haw.

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