Groovy Kind of Love

Remember back in January when I was groveling to you all about not getting our Christmas cards done and promising that Valentines were on the way?  It was true!  I’m no fibber, so without further delay I’m giving you a “sneak peek” at our family Valentine session.  These are a couple of outtakes that didn’t make it onto the actual card… so you are only left to imagine what did!  On Valentines day I’ll post the card here so you can check it out for yourself.  It is completely awesome!  she said in her most humble voice. : )


My man is the groooooviest.  You’ve gotta love a guy willing to put on an ensemble like this.  Makes me want to write a love song… in rap.


Now, for the big question.  Dave and I are hopping on an airplane Saturday for a mini-work/vacation.  Where will we be on Valentines day?  (hint: in this location it is entirely possible we could have our vows renewed… by Elvis – and who knows, maybe we will!)

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