The Family that Leaps Together

Sometimes I forget that what I do is actually work.  Really!  You know how all those “What Color is Your Parachute”-type books ask you to think about what you would do with your time if you weren’t paid for it?  Well, I’d take pictures (and travel… but with a 6-year-old and almost 2-year-old that is a dim prospect right now).  Growing our photography business full-time now does require lots of hours and a focused effort, but man… what a great way to spend the day.  Not to mention all the new, fun friends/clients we get to meet and work with.  For some blessed, amazing reason we’re attracting a clientele that is… I don’t know… really, really awesome!  Here’s just one example from our last set of Texas sessions.  I’m lovin’ the “model” sisters!




We had such a great time working with this family.  The mom told me later (high praise, this is), that the kids actually talked about how much FUN they had at the session!  And I didn’t even give them M&M’s!


I think this set of images is so representative of parents with their kids.  Dad is kind of goofing around, playful.  Mom’s are more snuggly & sweet.  I couldn’t choose which mom & kids picture to post, because I love them both for different reasons.  Favorites anyone?  (Just so you know, mom couldn’t choose either and got them both).





This may be my favorite family picture ever.  I LOVE it so much I would almost print a big canvas for my mantle, but then, that would just be weird. : )  But as soon as we build our “official” studio….  Thanks to the Moger family for being so fun and well, bouncy!  We had a blast.

One thought on “The Family that Leaps Together

  1. We certainly love all the pictures but the jumping pic is awesome. It really captures a moment in time. Thanks for including us on your blog. We did have fun and I think it shows.

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