Aleisha in Winter

Aside from my own daughter, Aleisha may be the girl I’ve photographed most.  It’s been a fun senior year experiment… doing a photo shoot for each season.  I will say that in the area of braving the elements – winter may have been most challenging, but I’m lovin’ the results!


With Aleisha’s connections we were able to use this old barn for photos.  It’s my dream photo spot (plus, once we got inside, it blocked the wind.  definitely a bonus!).  



No need for a hair fan here.  This is nature at its best – an icy January breeze!



So often photographers only show you the final result from a session, like this great snow angel pic…


but I think you should see the aftermath.  Poor Aleisha slid down the hill to get to the snow angel spot, then crawled back up afterwards!  Such dedication!


Thanks to Aleisha & family for being cheerful in the biting cold, and for being patient when my camera lens didn’t want to work in the freezing wind!  And thanks to the Tarwaters for letting us use the great location, and especially for the hot chocolate afterwards!!!

3 thoughts on “Aleisha in Winter

  1. Amazing, awesome….words can not describe these shots. I can only imagine how the entire 4 seasons will turn out. Great idea!

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