Publications for everyone!

It’s so exciting to have the opportunity to see your work in print, chosen by some big-wig as worthy of their glossy magazine pages.  And now David has broken into the publishing world!  This full-page photo appeared in last month’s MomSense magazine;  it’s one of my favorites of Emma taken a couple years ago.  It looks like some vast snowy field, but was actually just the pristine church parking lot behind our  house.  David hauled out the big step-ladder, prepared to shoot, and we cut Emma loose!  


My latest article is in the current issue of MomSense.  It’s about Emma’s experience losing her first tooth (and how having a child reaching these milestones makes a mom feel very old!).  

Layout 1

We had a little follow-up experience over the holidays when Emma, with her new upper loose tooth sat by Aunt Dana during church.  Guess who got their tooth pulled out right in the middle of the sermon?  Do I hear an Amen?!


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