Aunt Monica

It was a special treat over Christmas to be able to do bridal portraits for David’s sister, Monica.  We’ve been waiting a looooooong time for a guy to come along who was worthy of her, and now Truitt has arrived!  We’re excited to have the opportunity to photograph their wedding in March (I think what I’m most excited about is that I don’t have to wear a bridesmaid’s dress… been there/done that – woo hoo!).  This will be Emma’s first gig as a flower girl, along with her cousin Rhea.  I love this photograph David got of them watching Monica getting ready for her session.


Monica’s eyes are a photographer’s dream!  No doubt Truitt loves gazing into them as well. : )  



We’ll show off more photos from the session after the big dress-revealing at the wedding.  Congratulations Monica.  We love you.

One thought on “Aunt Monica

  1. Someone get me a kleenex and hurry! 😦 Oh wow! Part of that “wow” is for the photographer and the other part of the “wow” is for the bride-to-be! Amazing!

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