Baby Estella

This session almost didn’t happen.  I got a call from baby Estella’s mom the day before we left for two weeks over the holidays and ran over to their home the next morning because, with these teeny babies, waiting two weeks changes everything.  I’m so glad we squeezed her in, because I love how these photos turned out.  It’s been quite a while since I’d done a newborn portrait session, and I’d forgotten how wonderful they are… slow-paced, quiet (and verrrry warm for little naked bottoms).  The first weeks with a baby are such a sweet time, getting to know this new little person who is part of you.  It’s such a privilege to be invited into someone’s home to capture that intimacy and love.  This photo soooo captures that; it’s my favorite from the session. 


Normally you get these little week-old drowsy babies, but not Estella;  She was eager to see everything that was going on!


Sessions in the home are my favorites for babies.  They are so much more at ease.  The challenge for every photographer is finding the best light.  All the images I shot were done in the bedroom by the light of this one window.  I love the softness of the light and the natural shadows.





I love photographs that tell a story.  Yes, we got the sweet shot of brother & baby together, but this is the real deal… “What baby?  I’m lookin’ for cars!”





Thanks to Estella and her family for allowing me to capture such a special time in your lives… made me almost want another one myself.  ALMOST!!!!! : )

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