Christmas Leftovers

Sometimes I feel about photography the way I feel about leftovers.  I’ll have a group of really great pictures, yet after the first-choice pickins’ get taken out to frame or make copies of for family, I’ve still got a mound of really good photos with nowhere to go!  I’m solving that problem for my clients now with a new line of albums, books, folios and even matted photo boxes (yet another thing to photograph and blog).  For myself?  I’m posting a random blog of “Christmas leftovers”.  The pics that didn’t really fit anywhere else, but were just too good to let go.  Bring on the reheated gravy._mg_9438c

Some kids get only Santa Claus, but at the farm?  We’ve got “Santa Gramps”!



I thought Emma had a really good question.  Why didn’t Santa fill the grown-ups stockings?  Could it be that there are a gazillion grandkids and Santa just ran out of steam????


Really, how many clowns can you fit into a minivan?  (And no.  No one was endangered on this little road trip… the big Christmas lights were only a few houses away)


Santa was very smart in Texas… a gift that will keep the kids in the back yard all day?  Yippee!




Another photo illustrating Ben’s new fascination with candy canes… a sneaky little boy behind the Christmas tree.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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