Why you didn’t get a Christmas card from us!

It’s not that we don’t like you, really it’s not.  We actually made lots and lots of really cool Christmas cards this year… they just weren’t ours.  Back in October we talked about some very cool ideas for cards, involving a location set-up, props and costumes… we just never got around to it.  Business was good.  We were busy.  I’m not one to complain about my blessings.  We did give it a last-minute attempt, putting the kids in their holiday jammies and plopping them on the dining room table with one of those boxed gingerbread house kits.  The problem was, it was a year old (since we’re big buy-after-Christmas-on-sale people… but, c’mon, food?).  I really didn’t want my kids eating stale year-old icing (which is, of course, the consistency of glue since it is used on the gingerbread house as – glue!).  They, of course, didn’t really care that it was very old and tasted like wallpaper paste with Nutrasweet, so that didn’t get very far.  I substituted candy canes to give their mouths something to do.


My apologies for the following picture.  It’s quite graphic in a “show-your-food” kind of way.  Not for the squeamish… just scroll on down… please, don’t even look.


I love how you can see the motion of the candy cane going toward Emma’s mouth.  My poor, sugar-deprived children. : )


Our second attempt at the Christmas card picture was “let’s put the kids in front of the tree and throw some Christmas lights on them”.  The problem?  No candy cane.



The final solution?  Alone pics… I don’t advise trying this at home.



In the end, these were deemed “wallet-worthy”.  But our solution to the non-Christmas cards?  Stick around… you’ll figure it out around Valentines day!

3 thoughts on “Why you didn’t get a Christmas card from us!

  1. Oh my gosh – I love these pictures!! I love all your pictures, really – that’s why I keep coming back to your blog. But the ones with the lights – SO CUTE! I never would have thought of that – I love it!

    (And your kids are adorable, by the way!)


  2. All I could think about while looking at those pics of Ben is how he looks like ‘Ralphie’ from The Christmas Story!!!! Man, you guys have your hands FULL!!!!!

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