A Magical, Merry Christmas

Had a very special session recently with “K.K.” (some clients just choose to keep their names anonymous).  He was a jolly old fellow, and didn’t even ask me to do any digital slimming on his “jelly belly”.  His eyes, how they twinkled… his dimples, how merry!  His cheeks were like roses, and his nose?  Well, see for yourself!


He did ask me to pass on  a very special message (actually, he exclaimed it as he drove out of sight…):  “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night”.   Wishing all our clients and friends a blessed holiday season and a very Happy New Year.  We look forward to seeing you all in 2009!

One thought on “A Magical, Merry Christmas

  1. My husband and I stumbled onto your website and were amazed at how beautiful your children were…..especially that little pig boy in the shower. Does he take after his mother or his father? We are looking forward to more website pictures as they grow up.

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