Stefanie & Scott

We had the pleasure this weekend of photographing Scott & Stefanie’s wedding in Rogers, AR  (you’ll remember them from their super-fun engagement session back in September). We had a great time getting creative inside (with a wind advisory outside… it was definitely the best thing for this bride’s hair!)  Here’s a sneak peek of some of our favorite shots from the day.  For all you wedding guests and family, all the proofs will be online and linked to this blog in a few weeks!




Scott’s impression of how he thinks Stefanie is handling her pre-wedding jitters (in the Psychology world, we call this “projection”). : )




Getting ready for their “first look”.



I love, love this method of the bride & groom meeting together before the ceremony.  We’re able to get such great intimate photos of the first time the groom sees his bride (and vice-versa… but c’mon, everybody knows it’s all about the bride!).


I have a really great picture that Stefanie made me swear not to put on the blog.  It’s really so sad, but unfortunately I’m a woman of my word.  She’s such a great face-maker, and after seeing all the great expressions we have in these pics, Stefanie, I think I’m going to have to put together a collage of silly faces for you! 




Ah, the lovely… dainty flower girls!!!



I love this shot David got of the groom’s parents holding hands during the ceremony.  



Did you ever see a picture and say to yourself, I just know there’s a story behind this?




Our thanks to Scott, Stefanie, your sweet families and wedding party for a great day!  Did I mention that for our wedding clients, we do free baby session?  I mean… eventually. : )

5 thoughts on “Stefanie & Scott

  1. The pictures are beautiful. I think I have cried more looking at the pictures than I did at the wedding.

  2. The blog contains nice as well as beautiful pictures . The photography art shown here has been remarkable.

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