Wild fun girl-ness!

You know that stereotype about girls being all about drama?  I um, don’t necessarily believe that’s NOT true… and when it comes to pictures?  That wild, fun… dramatic  girl-ness is simply the BEST!   Meet my new Texas friend, who was lovin’ her photo session. : )_mg_7492b



As a photographer, here’s one that stumps me from time to time… color/ black & white or… other?  Take this pic below for example.  It looks nice in color, but for me, if the picture is about emotion the colors can sometimes get in the way of the feeling of the photograph.


I do love this picture in black and white.  I love the way the little girl’s face looks so creamy-smooth and love, love, LOVE that little wisp of hair that is blowing across her cheek.  It’s such a small thing, but adds a little bit of movement and the tiniest imperfection that makes the picture feel unposed.


I also really like this picture in the vintage-tint… kind of gives it a timeless quality.  Can you see the dilhemma here?  Thoughts?  Advice?




This is my favorite photo from the session (the reason I chose color for it?  her beautiful blue eyes!!).  It has the mom-daughter interaction, and the expression on her face is perfect – sweet, but with a tiny bit of spunk.  Just the way a girl should be.


My thanks to the Sears girls for a fun-filled afternoon!

6 thoughts on “Wild fun girl-ness!

  1. Seriously guys, i love, love, love the relaxed nature and fun of your pictures while still grabbing the true emotions of your clients. i didnt know you had a blog, just found it tonight, and i could look through these pictures forever. Beautiful. i would love for you to do our family someday!

  2. Having known that oldest Sear’s (Wallace) girl since she was in about 6th grade, I think you were just very fortunate to have great subjects to work with! 🙂 Having an interest in photography also makes me favor the shot that you liked the best; however, I didn’t pick up the color of Avery’s eyes as much as I saw the light hitting Whitney’s hair. Absolutely gorgeous picture! My compliments to the artist/photographer…you are great with your light and GREAT at capturing love and affection. It’s very evident to see with both of them.

  3. What beautiful pictures of the “Sears Girls”. You have such a good eye for detail. My favorite picture, is your favorite picture. Avery is my granddaughter and the picture of Whitney & Avery is just beautify. I would love to have one.

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