Sessions in the Lone Star state

The Thanksgiving holiday took us to Texas, where each evening found David outside staring at the wide star-filled sky, sniffing the pine-scented air.  A couple of years ago for Christmas I had an old Texas map framed for him.  Nice, yes… but you can’t smell it.  While down in “God’s Country”, we had the opportunity to do – what else?  Take some pictures!  


Sweet little Hope was so … well, sweet!  _mg_7283b1

Mommy and daddy pictures are now a must-have when I do a family sitting.  I love the connection here, the bond between them._mg_7375vt



Thanks to the families who did sessions in Texas!  We had so much fun.  More to come!

One thought on “Sessions in the Lone Star state

  1. IS the mom’s name in this pick Jenny? SHe looks like a girl I went to high school with–Jenny Everly? Just curious–beautiful picts!

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