Taking the Plunge… and offering a deal!

I love my husband.  He makes a mean sweet-burger and a scrumptious toasted coconut pie.  When we go on vacations, I research for months, make a detailed itinerary and budget like crazy; he reminds me to have fun.  He puts my favorite music on the ipod.  He pops my back as though it were an art form.  And now??? We’re going to work together… full time.


This is how that makes me feel.

photo-86So far?  It’s been great!  We’ve been getting lots of work done… dreaming about the future, and making plans to get us there – AND Emma had time to make this unique hat!


I’ll admit, I was a little concerned when I saw this photo of my sweet son with a hot-pink butterfly necklace on….


But all in all, I guess I’m just feeling pretty blessed.  I may remember to have fun after all.


To celebrate our new full-time partnership, new clients who book in the month of November will receive a $50 credit toward their print purchase!!!  Woo hoo!  (existing clients… get a group hug)

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