Between the Poses

You should all know that I am trying.  I’m trying to take pictures that are more posed, more “traditional”.  Some of you want that precious and perfect image above your mantle, and for you I’m giving it my all.  However, I find that I’m failing… badly.  Case in point:  this lovely picture.  I’m finding that this is about as posed as I can get – and I’m sorry, but I love it!!!

A different angle, a different emotion… and I love it even more!!!

Am I hopeless?  Should I have this sweet little guy sitting sweetly, smiling into the camera?  I have to say NO! NO!  A thousand times NO!  I love the dimple, the sparkle in his blue eyes and the way the warm sun is tickling the edge of his face.  This picture captures something that, to me, a posed shot just can’t.

All the best stuff happens between the poses.  Would I have this one as a portrait on my wall?  You betcha!!!

Ah, with these brothers a picture really does tell a story….  (don’t you Looooove this location?  believe it or not, it’s in a cemetery – they always have the most colorful trees!)

Nothing says “good daddy” like a Care Bear in the pocket.  Are you crying yet Sarah?  I would be. : )

Thanks to the Craigs for the fun (and the cheesy potato casserole).  We’re so blessed to call you our friends.

5 thoughts on “Between the Poses

  1. No! Don’t pose your people!! I LOVE your style of photography – for the exact reason that you capture REAL moments!!

    As a matter of fact, I’m hoping to get down your way to visit some friends next year and if we do, I’ll be calling you for some UNPOSED family photos!!

  2. Wow! Those are beautiful!
    I don’t really like posing either and I agree with photoqueen…your photography is beautiful b/c of the real moments!

    I have no idea where you live, but I wish I lived close so you could do a photo shoot for our family!

  3. Well, whoever left the comment, thanks! You too, Photoqueen. We’d love to have you come by for some unposed pictures. And FYI to everyone, we’re currently in Carthage, MO… with a possible move in the near future!!! We’ll keep you posted.

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