Behind the Scenes – Photographer Tells All!

I’m going to level with you people.  Sometimes, the job of photography just isn’t too pretty.  And by that, I don’t mean the people being photographed, but the chaos inside my head and all around.  So, join me for a real-life, behind-the-scenes photo session (with my good friends who are nice Christian people so they won’t hurt me – : ).  I humbly dedicate this blog post to all the people who’ve ever heard (or said) “You take great pictures….  You must have a really nice camera.”


Monkey-ish grooming is part of every family’s picture-taking ritual.

At some point someone will need to take a little time… out,

and inevitably someone will end up rolling on the ground (usually not the adults though).

Some of my favorite pictures result from someone not being in a “picture-taking mood”.

I call this one “As soon as we’re done taking pictures we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese!”

What is it about photographer’s kids that they feel entitled to be in every family picture (even when it’s not their own family)?

Even in the midst of such great outtakes, the session was a complete success.  So here’s a sample for my fun, go-with-the-flow friends.  


Thanks to the Owsleys for their patience and warm thoughts in the cold weather.  And hey, if you like these pictures, give our number out to all your friends.  After all, we’ve got a great camera! : )

4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Photographer Tells All!

  1. Love it, love it, love it!!!!! This is an AWESOME blog!!! That first picture with all the photographer’s personal comments is priceless! You are dead on with those comments too!

    I hope I can have a “great camera” like you!

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