Jacque & Kris Engagement

I looooooove engagement sessions!  I love the interaction between two people who love each other and the excitement brewing about the new chapter they’re starting in their life together.  And Jacque & Kris had it all, even though they’ve been dating for 25 years (okay, maybe more like 8).  They just seem to be such a perfect fit, so relaxed together….  This is my favorite shot from the session.

It’s so true that the bride really is the master of the wedding day, which is why the primary color for this wedding is pink… instead of John Deere green!  At least Kris can hide his preferences under his dress-up clothes. : )

My husband looked at this picture and said, “too bad you can’t see her face”, which is sooooo not the point. Because I can tell you, every girl dreams of the day when she will find a man who will look at her… just like this.

A big thanks to Jacque and Kris for being such good sports (especially during our encounter with creepy chunk dog – ha!).  We’re looking forward to your wedding in May!

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