The One with the Horse

Yet another first for me… a senior session with a horse!  The poor guy was a little spooked by the camera, even though get got to sniff it and everything.  Not so with the other three horses in the field.  This was one time I wished I’d had a second shooter to capture me in action, with the posse of horse admirers sniffing over my shoulder (so close I could smell their breath… a little apple-ish).  Aleisha was much better behaved.  She didn’t need to sniff the camera or anything! : )

Quite obvious how this one was feeling about me invading his space.

But it was worth it for this!  Gorgeous!

And one minus the horse….

This picture only looks peaceful.  About two minutes after it was taken the Sheriff came by and asked us (very nicely) to move on.  Personally?  I think a little excitement just adds to the drama of the picture! 

Thanks, Aleisha for another great session… and for the loan of the couch (I’m renting it for the fall season… love it!).

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