Hometown Tourist

Sometimes I forget how much I love Carthage.  We’ve lived here now for almost two years, and I still find myself charmed by its quaint city square and courthouse, the old/new library (Ben and I love Larry and “grandpa” the groundskeepers), Goads Antique Store, and the Carthage Family Restaurant, where you’ll find us having the most excellent breakfast skillets and catfish about once a week.  And now that we’re coming into Autumn, I’m thrilled to live in the Maple Leaf capitol of the Universe!!!  This town blazes red in late October… and Emma is already starting her leaf piles. : )

Wanted to share some photos from the “FarmGirl Fest” this past weekend, held at my NEW favorite Carthage photo location, Red Oak II.   

Some local folks (namely local artist Lowell Davis), took on the project of saving many of the old buildings from the original town of Red Oak.  He had them moved and restored in a cornfield outside of Carthage.  This place is colorful… and magical!

While I don’t think this outfit screams “farm girl”, it’s still quite becoming!

Ben and this sheep got into a bleating contest.  I was laughing so much I could hardly get still enough to take the picture!Love, love, love this chandelier pendant!  Yep, I bought it.

It’s statistically proven that you will purchase more jewelry if it sparkles in the sunlight and looks like candy. Okay, so that’s a total and complete lie, but it seems right, doesn’t it? 

Ben was a bad, bad boy.

This is something I find so fun about photography.  I took this photo of the nice hayride man, then when I went to post it on the blog, I see in the background the little girl, peeking over her shoulder, giving me a big cheese too.  I love it!

I’m always surprised by the things that delight children.  For Emma, the highlight of her day was two things: cotton candy, and cattails (well, actually one of them didn’t surprise me)

Scary ducky game.

Remnants of a day well-spent.

Emma found a friend from her kindergarten class.

Ben found a friend, but only because he had cookie on his mouth.

2 thoughts on “Hometown Tourist

  1. Great pictures guys! Farm Girl Fest has turned out to be a great event. Caity worked hard and it paid off. It is awesome to see that something that was just conversation around the dinner table has turned into something that builds memories. I will pass this on to Caity.


  2. We’re so glad you enjoyed Farm Girl Fest. It was a great deal of fun to put it on.

    Laura of Harvest Lane
    The Dutch Oven Cooking Wife

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