Wild & Unruly… and just right

It’s a good day to dispel a myth.  Over the past several years I’ve heard a lot of this “my kid won’t sit still for pictures… she just won’t smile on command”.  My answer?  Well, then we won’t ask them to do that.  Since having my own kids I know that by nature they’re just… active (and that word truly seems an understatement here).  So the question is… why do I want photos of something my kids are not?  

My best tip for great family photos with kids?  Know who your family is, because that’s what we want to capture.  If you are the roll-around-on-the-floor-and-wrestle type, why would we want a photo sitting sweetly in a starched white shirt?  I think my buddies Sean and Travis would say yes to this!  

I like to call this picture (and I quote) “I hate taking pictures!”  Which of course, made the photographer cry like a whiney little baby, which apparently…

is completely hilarious. 


Thanks to my little buddies, for giving me a good laugh, a good cry (sniff sniff) : ), and lots of exercise!

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