Scenes from a Marriage

This was going to be a romantic post.  Today is our tenth anniversary, so I thought how neat it would be to post photos of Dave and me throughout our marriage, doing those fun little, romantic, cute things together.  The problem is… there aren’t any.  Not that we haven’t done those kinds of things along the way.  It’s just that we have no record of anything between the two of us… since we had kids.  (do I hear an amen?!)  

Ah, yes.  Here we are… the romantic couple in Cortona.  Oh wait… this was before kids.

And this one… ah!  So lovey in a flowery field in France.  No, wait… still before kids.

Oh, I remember this getaway!  Just the two of us on our way to Fredricksburg… does it matter that we’re not actually in the picture?  I mean, c’mon, this is a Storms burger.  It was fantastic!  

Now see?  Here we are together!  What?  Can’t you tell that’s us?  I don’t suppose this supports the whole “romantic theme”, but hey, at least we’re both in the same picture!  That’s progress!

Now there’s a romantic picture for you!  See?  Oh, wait.  That’s not us.

Oh, now that’s cute!  But wait… there’s a kid in it.  And what’s with my pants??

Sweet moment.  Yet another kid.

Nope.  That is was a pumpkin.

I’m starting to see a theme here (minus the pumpkin).

I’m just going to have to admit what is becoming quite obvious.  David and I are extremely camera shy.  In the ten years of our marriage, we have both become hideously ugly.  Maybe the truth is just that we love our kids, and can’t bear to take a picture without them.  Or we’re just too lazy to get out the tri-pod.  

So starting this day, the beginning of our 11th year of marriage (whew!), I vow to uphold my duty as a photographer, and give visual proof to generations to come that yes, David and I are married.  AND we do love each other… even when the kids aren’t in the picture.  

Happy Anniversary to my best friend….  Here’s to the next 11, and the next 11, and the next 11.


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