These are NOT pretty people!!!

Before I met David, I never knew the real benefits of a Mac over PC, and while I’m sure he could give you a detailed list, I’ll just tell you one… it’s called “PhotoBooth”.  Good for hours of face-morphing, bring-out-your-inner-goof fun!  Here are a few from what I’m affectionately calling “The Rat Family” series.

As you will see, poor Ben missed out on the photobooth fun.  This is the kind of stuff that happens after his bedtime!

This is frightening.  It’s not uni-brow… it’s uni-nostril!!!  

I’m thinking Emma looks a little more Mon Chi Chi.  Almost sweet, but mostly scary!  Okay, more photobooth later.  Coming next?  Pretty pictures of pretty people!

One thought on “These are NOT pretty people!!!

  1. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t ever do this again. I am laughing, crying and wetting my leather chair. At least not to my adorable niece and nephew.

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