Up a Deep Creek… in Maryland

Yes, I know everybody takes this picture, but somehow being above the clouds always feels photo-worthy, especially at sunset.  Besides, I took it for Emma, who is fascinated with the idea of flying and doesn’t remember her own airplane trip at 15 months old.  When I asked her where she’d like to fly if she could, she said, “Alaska” (and that was before she even knew who Sarah Palin was!).

We drove, the flew, then flew again, then drove again… all day.  I’d never been so far away from my kids, or for so long (five days).  I was pathetic.  

We went to Deep Creek, Maryland, to Ann Monteith’s Guerilla Management Workshop for photographers.  The question is this:  does it hurt less if you get a tail-kicking in a pretty place?  The answer is decidedly “no”, but… you might get some pretty pictures.  

We did come away with more information that our brains could hold, and a good plan of action for the business.  Big changes are on the way!  Thankfully, for all their straight-talking advice, Ann and Judy were nice and encouraging drill sargeants.  I only saw three people cry. : )  

Ever heard the phrase, you look how I feel?  Well….

I became so fascinated by this little house on the side of the road.  It just made me want to hang up a clothes line and eat some watermelon. 


A big thanks to Judy, Ann, and the fabulous Ron Nichols who happened to “drop by” and gave us the opportunity to drool all over his products and purchase everything in sight.  Tomorrow I’m getting on the ball with business suggestions.  But today?  I’m just following my kids around, catching up on kisses.

2 thoughts on “Up a Deep Creek… in Maryland

  1. Oh my goodness, I was on the same trip, saw the same things and had no idea that there were AWARD WINNING images right before me. I LOVED looking at your photographs. Ann needs to use them in her promotional material for her Lake House.

  2. Wow! That’s quite a compliment coming from the great Ronnie Owings -has-the-most-drool-inducing-studio-ever! Thanks so much! And of course Ann is more than welcome to use our images on her wildly popular, well-traveled website. : ) Whitney

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