Saturday in the Kitchen

Sadly, I am not the pioneer woman and this is a good thing, because every time I visit her website, I find myself wanting to make those buttery, gooey, cheesy, delicious home-cooking-like-crazy goodies she posts.  I don’t think my rear end could handle such a yummy life.  However, once in a while I’m not opposed to a little whole wheat baking goodness with my girl.  Since she’s started school, finding time together to do the girl stuff is just so important, so here’s our rainy Saturday….

This is my grandmother’s hot roll recipe (which, yes, is delightful with white flour and a huge pat of butter tucked inside each roll, but we’ll save that for Thanksgiving).  My mom has made these for as long as I can remember,  (usually multiplying the recipe by 6!!) kneading that dough 100 times.  Emma seems to prefer what I call the “slapping technique”.I’ve decided that dough kneading and rolling is actually a good work-out (of course, I guess that only counts if you don’t actually eat any of the final product… which is totally impossible). Of course the rolls are great with dinner, but the BEST time to eat one is as soon as they come out of the oven, right after brushing on that melted butter.  Your lips will be greasy & buttery for an hour!  And that’s a good thing, right?Happy yummy Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Saturday in the Kitchen

  1. Those look so good! Of course anything that is carby and sugary looks good since I am on a resctricted gestational diabeties diet! Anyway, I just read your article in the MOPS magazine and I loved it! It totally describes my life. I love taking pictures, capturing a moment in time, forever to be treasured! My dream one day is to be a professional photographer. I feel so unknowledgable however, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin! I haven’t even taken a photography class except for 8th grade mass media(which I loved by the way)!

    I feel like I have the eye of a photographer but I am definitely an amateur! Anyway, if you have any pointers, even on a type of camera, it would be greatly appreciated. Love your pictures, they are amazing!


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