Get yourself Emma “Art-ified”

I’m often surprised by the artistic inclinations of my daughter.  Just yesterday she was stapling papers she had colored together to make a puppet.  A few weeks ago she was a Target-brand fashionista, the red bulls-eye-covered bag covering her mid-section, holes poked for legs, her arms through the handles.  Today, she came into the office while I was resizing this photo for the blog.  She’s often watched photos being manipulated in Photoshop, and asked to help, so I showed her how to do the painting tool.  



I’m not sure what the final image is meant to be, but artistic?  Definitely!!!  I told Emma there may be a market for her colorful post-production artwork, so I agreed to advertise it for her.  If we’ve ever done pictures for you and you’d like one of your images made into an Artful creation by Emma, she’s asking $5 for a 5×7 print.  All proceeds will go into her Piggy Bank for long-term saving purchases (currently she’s saving for an apple tree for our back yard).  Please allow 2-3 weeks for artistic inspiration!


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