Sister Getaway

Okay, so here’s the latest thing I’m a BIG fan of… Sister Getaway Days (along with date nights with your spouse, girls nights out, mommy “alone time” – the bathroom doesn’t count… etc. etc.).  I just returned from two nights in a hotel and lots of unscheduled, un-childrened free time with my three sisters in Tulsa… ahhhh!  Now that’s refreshing!  Some highlights: 
So here are my favorite things about hotels:  no beds to make, DARK, cold sleeping, a “Do Not Disturb” sign that actually works!  Room service (didn’t order it, but somehow it’s enough to know that if I want an egg sunny-side up with hot coffee at two in the afternoon, it’s available to me), tiny, brand-new soap, and quiet, quiet, quiet.  Ahhhh…

Oh my, yes… it’s chocolate gravy from a little diner called “The Full Cup” in Tulsa.  It was the special on the menu and we all got so excited.  When the waitress told us they were out, we gave such agonizing gasps of disappointment… she got the cook to make us some more.  Bless him! 
Spinach Artichoke fondue at The Melting Pot. 
The first person to send me an email with our lunch location wins a free 8×10! Hint Hint.A chance estate sale found us with a crammed trunk, and luggage on our laps but c’mon… you can’t pass up a good bargain! 
We found a great little bead shop on Cherry Street, complete with a wandering German Shepherd!  With two photographers in the group, we couldn’t complete the trip without some modeling shots

4 thoughts on “Sister Getaway

  1. Just one sister missing…… oh wait, I have an “in-law” beside my name!! David said yall had a blast, looks like you did! Can’t wait for sister -in-law trip next summer!

  2. Would you like to see a picture of Gramps and Grammy’s house after the sister’s unchildrened get away? ( But we had fun!!!!!)

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